Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In conclusion....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this ongoing blog. Through networking and classroom discussion we have elicited the assistance of many different people along our journey of creating this blog. I hope all of our followers have enjoyed reading our posts as much as our group has enjoyed researching and composing them. We have looked at the issue of Transgender inmates through a critical lens, and have posited possible alternatives to the policy that we have described as discriminating. To all of our followers, please continue to comment on our blog, as we feel that this conversation is important, and there should be a positive space, such as our blog, to debate the needed changes within the prison system.

Thank you! Pat, Lesley, Jaime and Courtney.


  1. In case you are still interested in this research;

    Title of Research Project:
    Investigating the Experiences of Transgender/Gender Variant Individuals who have been Incarcerated
    Contact(s) for Research:
    Chris Duarte
    Program Coordinator
    Northern Arizona University
    There has been little research about the experiences of transgender/gender variant people who have been arrested, convicted, or served time in a criminal justice institution. In addition, there are limited ways that transgender individuals may self-identify during the criminal justice process. Thus, discovering what transgender/gender variant individuals experience is almost impossible without conducting personal interviews. As a transgender man, and a person who works within the LGBTQA community, I hope to better serve the community by expanding on what little research exists about transgender individuals and the criminal justice system.
    For individuals interested in participating in this study, please understand that all names and identities of participants will remain confidential. As the interviewer, this study requires participants to self-identify as transgender, gender variant, androgynous, genderqueer, or any other form of gender variant identities and participants have to have served some form of jail time, prison incarceration, or mental health institution.
    How to access research:
    Please email me at either of the above emails to set up a time and date for an interview. Also, please forward this research request to anyone you know that might qualify or be interested.
    University Affiliation and IRB Review:
    Northern Arizona University 11.0278